Wednesday, 25 September 2013

@TMTexhibition , the Edge nightclub Luton. 21/09/13

Setting Up! this is how i set up my models and photos for this weekends exhibition. i made two new models for it, the poplars and the daffodil. ive wanted to make a set of poplars for a while and this was a good opportunity. poplars are used to screen from the wind and are usually lined up in a neat line about 3 metres from each other. my grandads dad planted some at the bottom of his garden to screen the wind and the noise from the M1 motorway. they grow very fast but are not long lasting. im interested in this control and use of nature. lining them up so ordered being the shape they are, so straight and narrow seems to take away their life as living and breathing plants. i see them from a distance sticking up like teeth. i like it when they appear straight and ordered in a group of more conventional round trees. the photos going down the post were taken from driving through france and belgium they seem to use poplars alot to screen farm houses and streets. there were some at the edge of my school playing field. i think they work well as models as they are so ordered and controlled. i wish i knew the history and development of species of flowers like the daffodil. we have selected it to symbolise the start of spring. i know that the seasons are a real thing and daffodils do flower at this time but they seem to appear in the municiple areas as a reminder that spring is here. on roundabouts, grass verges, next to a avenue of trees cvarefully planted. i wanted to plant one in the autumn or winter and play with this perception.

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