Thursday, 26 September 2013

Car park poplars

Walking back from taking down the work in the Midas Touch exhibition. I used the spot on the floor bathed in sun to place my model. I like the shadow 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

the opening night

the opening night was packed. Kerry did an excellent job in publicising the event. at times it was impossible to move through the crowds. i dont think ive had this many people view my work at one time, so i was chuffed about that.

@TMTexhibition , the Edge nightclub Luton. 21/09/13

Setting Up! this is how i set up my models and photos for this weekends exhibition. i made two new models for it, the poplars and the daffodil. ive wanted to make a set of poplars for a while and this was a good opportunity. poplars are used to screen from the wind and are usually lined up in a neat line about 3 metres from each other. my grandads dad planted some at the bottom of his garden to screen the wind and the noise from the M1 motorway. they grow very fast but are not long lasting. im interested in this control and use of nature. lining them up so ordered being the shape they are, so straight and narrow seems to take away their life as living and breathing plants. i see them from a distance sticking up like teeth. i like it when they appear straight and ordered in a group of more conventional round trees. the photos going down the post were taken from driving through france and belgium they seem to use poplars alot to screen farm houses and streets. there were some at the edge of my school playing field. i think they work well as models as they are so ordered and controlled. i wish i knew the history and development of species of flowers like the daffodil. we have selected it to symbolise the start of spring. i know that the seasons are a real thing and daffodils do flower at this time but they seem to appear in the municiple areas as a reminder that spring is here. on roundabouts, grass verges, next to a avenue of trees cvarefully planted. i wanted to plant one in the autumn or winter and play with this perception.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Artists who have influenced me

Vito Acconci
Sophie Calle
David Shrigley
Mark Dion
Julian Opie
Wolfgang Tilmans
Jean Michel Basquiat
Martin Parr

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Daffodil in Manor park, Luton.

The symbolism of spring the daffodil installed in manor park Luton. On Sunday the 15th of September. 

Gluing the grass down

Ready to go out in the park

Daffodil under construction

Super glue, yellow balloons, and green plastic. Ready for autumn.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The ideas in my artwork

Some info about my work.
"My work explores people's perceptions of nature, especially from an urban environment.  The models and imagery play upon the already separated experience of our daily contact with nature in an urban environment."

I am interested in many aspects of nature. This work is motivated by trying to have a better understanding of nature in a highly constructed place and what role it plays.  Animals like seagulls and foxes thrive in the urban environment and are thriving as a result of our refuse.  Planes over luton hover and seem to move unnaturally slowly. The Victorians built us parks to enjoy nature in small packages. Planted daffodils help us know what season it is.  Park benches control our experience and point us towards scenes of constructed nature from an stationary position. The photographs of the models are mixed in with straight images of places to create a continuous evaluation of what is real and not.  

Up date on the trees

Need painting and foliage 

News paper promotion

Exhibition website

Come to the private view 7.30 pm sat the 21st of September 

Midas touch exhibition Luton . 21st September

Starting to prepare model trees for coming soon exhibition in Luton .
These are going to be poplar trees. 
Making tree leaves from an old sponge
The trees are willow,lolly pop sticks and thin electrical wire.