Thursday, 14 July 2011


At college the creative arts department organised a arts festival which included lots of live music, shows, exhibitions and this- LUTON 11. A one day illustration event involving students from graphics, art A-level and art btec.
The 15 students who were interested got together on a monday morning and with the theme of luton started to design and plan what they were going to illustrate.

there were some excellent stories shared about their experiences of living in this town.

in the end they voted to include;

A page on the language barriers some people might face in luton because of the many langauges spoken here.

A story about a squarrel who ran in front of a student made them jump and then ran into someones letter box.

an illustration based on Luton's famous carnival witht he sub plot of how it allways seems to rain on that day.

and in the inside of the book a map of luton with its key landmarks.

And a clever flowing line of all of the students who were aprt of luton 11 and a question about its city status bid.

i was overwelmed by the amount of ideas the students wanted to include in the book.
but most of all the quality of work was very good from first year students and they knew what they wanted.

in the end they made 17 books one for each student and two for the art department
i will be definatley be organising this again for next years students.