Monday, 22 March 2010


these fine drawings were a collaboration with ben browning aged 5 and jess browning aged 3. i drew the start of a face and they finished the drawings off howerver they liked.

thank you ben and jess

A seagul spoke to me in my sleep
he said he was going to steal my food, my face, my feet
he shouted ' I'M A HAPPY SEAGUL'
i told him i will make him into a papier mache model and display him in a gallery

this is not finished- i will add another layer of plaster and sand him down and then
paint him authentically as i can.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

colour of wood

i was walking in norway in a national park near a glacier. it was hot and i came across this structure which covers part of the railway track.

it was a stunning range of tones, set against the blue sky.
reminded me of a Wolfgang Tillmans photo..

gallery work

this shows the process of making my work from the model in its setting to the gallery.
experiencing the world through a lens. sitting on a beach on a bench looking at the sea.
in the gallery you would see my models of a place which has been made directly from photographs
or you might see photographs of models which were made from photos
which is another step awayu from the real thing.

recently i have started to make a large seagul
a model the giza pyramids and another model park.

more to come....